Still Born

The Still Born project is initiated by Adinda van 't Klooster and aims to raise awareness of stillbirth. As part of IFPA2017 a selection of Adinda's artworks on the theme of stillbirth were exhibited at Manchester Central. The sculptures and drawings were made over a time period of seven years, with a body of new drawings made possible by recent Arts Council funding towards this project. Professor Alexander Heazell, clinical director of Tommy's Stillbirth Research Centre, helped to bring the work to Manchester where it was received by both the conference audience and the general public with great success: a survey showed that 93% of the people who saw the work thought it helped raise awareness of stillbirth. Further comments on the exhibition of the public were:

"Good artworks such as these demand careful consideration of the subject represented. There are no quick or easy, right or wrong answers."

"It personalizes the experience and starts a conversation between people and within ourselves."

"An essential aspect of understanding the topic" .

" Invites discussion of taboo subjects."

"It's giving a public output to a deeply personal experience – an experience that many people go through and may not have the support to grieve or speak about it."

" Yes, it is treated like never before."

"It helps families with stillbirth see they are not alone."

"For centuries we have had art about death, but not often is stillbirth depicted."

Since the exhibition eight poets have been commissioned to write poetry in response to the artworks. The poets selected are Karen McCarthy Woolf, Rebecca Goss, Christine Bousfield, Claire Potter, Jennie Farley, Roger Bloor, Sarah James and Wendy Pratt. Artworks and poetry will be compiled in an artist's book that is to include a medical essay by Prof. Alexander Heazell on the topic of the need to reduce stillbirth figures. This book will be launched at Northern Print in 2018 and is now available to pre-order for £ 25. Your early order will further help to realise this project. Please email: if you are interested.

This project has been made possible thanks to the crowdfunders, Arts Council England, Northern Print, New Writing North, Tommy's Stillbirth Research Centre and NIHR.